Resignation Letter Format

Resignation Letter Format


The process of quitting a job can be stressful and tough. A resignation letter is an important part of this process. A resignation letter is supposed to list the reasons for quitting in a clear and concise manner maintaining the professionalism and respect of the current employer. An effective resignation letter precisely includes the issues experienced and need to resign.


Your Name,

14, Sanskruti Bhavan,

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Mobile: xxxxxxxxxx

Email: youremail@gmail.com


Dear HR Manage / Team Leader,

Please accept my resignation letter as formal resignation from my position of Manager with ABC Organization. I am required to take up a new role with MNC and will have to be relieved from my duties by the end of this month. I understand that as per my appointment letter I am required to serve notice of 30 days and my last day of work will be DD/MM/YYYY.

I would like to appreciate that I have learnt and grown a lot under your guidance and support and taking this decision hasn’t been easy for me, however I feel driven to take up the new assignment that has come my way. I will do all I can to ensure that my leaving is as smooth as possible.

Over the next few days, I will work to ensure that all of my paperwork and duties are made to be current. I would be happy to handover my duties to my immediate reportee till the time that my replacement is hired.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and I will remember all my colleagues & my senior. I wish you well and thank you for your consideration.


Yours Sincerely,

First Name.

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