Reference Letter Format



Providing a reference letter is a substantial responsibility. A reference letter should be professional and at the same time should praise and admire the value of an applicant. The key towards drafting a successful reference letter is to identify relevant elements of praise for an applicant. A reference letter should be focusing on ethics, reliability and dedication.


First Name Last Name,

Mobile: xxxxxxxxxx

Email: firstnamelastname@gmail.com


Dear First Name,

I am writing to confirm that he/she is employed as Manager with this organisation from 2012 till the present day, and is paid Rs 7 lacs p.a (salary, plus bonus and benefits as applicable). job as a Manager carries the responsibilities of leading a team of 10 members, ensuring adherence to norms, monitoring day-to-day operations and imparting on the job training to members. At all times I have found Priya to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, honest and courteous.

I would happily re-employ her as I consider her to be a valuable member of the team, Who consistently achieved good results and delivers all expectations.

I would be happy to provide any further information. if required.



HR Manager / Team Leader.

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