Offer Acceptance Letter Format

Offer Acceptance Letter Format


It is important that an offer acceptance letter makes a good impression on the employer. Offer Acceptance Letters should be concise giving the reader meaningful content. It is crucial to create an offer letter acceptance letter format that brings all the elements together in a structured format. The letter should be gracious and communicate everything in a clear manner.


First Name Last Name,

14, Sanskruti Bhavan,

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Mobile: xxxxxxxxxx

Email: firstnamelastname@gmail.com


Dear First Name,

It is with immense happiness that I am writing to you to share that I am Willing to go ahead with your offer and take up the position of Senior Accounts Manager— HR. please consider this note as a formal acceptance. I am pleased to accept your offer at a salary of 05 lacs p.a.

As discussed, I would be in a position to take up the responsibilities of this new role from DD/MM/YYYY. I also understand that I will receive full company pay and benefits even during the first 3 months when I am in the probation period.

Thank you again, for offering me this wonderful opportunity, and do let me know if I can do anything in advance to facilitate the paperwork, or if there are any areas you’d like me to be reading upon. It would truly be a delight to work with you and your organization.



First Name.

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