Internship Letter Format

Internship Letter Sample Format


Getting an internship is equivalent to getting your first job. An internship letter is a part of the internship application role but has a crucial part to play. The letter introduces you to the employer giving an idea what do you do and what are your skills. An internship letter helps the employer to take a decision on you. An internship letter should communicate your reason for applying in a completely professional way.


Dear HR / Team Leader,

I would like to apply for a summer internship with your organization. I come to know of your company through the placement center in my college in Pune. I am presently pursuing B. Tech from the University of Pune, and feel that your company’s presence in a similar field and having to serve as an intern with your organization would give my career the exact opportunity that I am aspiring for.

The courses that I have completed have built a suitable knowledge foundation for the tools, processes and methodologies involved in managing Computer Applications in any setup. My core strengths lie in my desire to excel and ability to gel along well with all sets of people across any level.

I would like to take the opportunity to meet and discuss the apt opportunities that you might have for me. I am sharing a version of my resume as attachment With this letter.  Please feel free to connect With me anytime on xxxxxxxxxx.

Thank you for your consideration.



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