9 Important Things To Do During Interview


9 Important Things To Do During Interview


important points to do before & during interview

If you wish to be seriously considered for the position, you want to prepare carefully. One or two missteps can disqualify you as a candidate, although you’ve the proper experience and skills. If you would like to be seriously considered for the position, you need to prepare carefully. One or two missteps can disqualify you as a candidate for that company, although you’ve the proper experience and skills

1. Dress Properly

The most important point which every interviewer has to make is your attire. The more important thing to consider when you’re dressing for a job interview is that you should look professional regardless of which type of position you’re seeking whether it is for Accounting or Tally Job interview.

Even though your interview attire depends on the role you’re applying for, regardless of what the position is, whether it is for Accounts Assistant, Interns, Freshers or any position which you are apply for you have to attend the interview looking neat, tidy, and well-dressed. 


2. Arrive Before Time

Always remember, whenever you’ll go for any interview whether it’s a Small company or MNC’s or any other companies, always reach before time. Always arrive 15 to 20 mins before your scheduled interview is acceptable.


3. Speak Politely With Receptionist

A polite person is always a great person. There is no doubt that a humble person becomes the centre of attraction in anyone’s heart. When we speak politely, people will like to talk with us & we’ll be surrounded by many people further. When we give polite answers to anyone, they assure us. From my perspective, Politeness is the best way to get hard work done in a lesser time.


4. Never Loose Eye Contact

Wide-eyed energy is fine, but staring consistently is not allowed.

Maintaining eye contact during an interview looks confident and trustworthy. It believes that while interviewing if you avoid eye contact during a conversation can be an indication that you are disconnected or not interested in that conversation.

The best way to avoid this negative points is practice mock interviews with your family or friends. Notice that how often your eyes blink during the conversation. This will help you to give your interview better than your previous interviews.


5. Make Time For Practice

Before interview, read “About Me” section on the company’s website while you are on the way to the interview. Almost every small companies have their social media pages, or a website, or a LinkedIn profile. Check them Once!


6. Switch Off Your Mobile Phone

Important point is Switch off your mobile phone because if you keep it on vibrate mode it’s not sufficient because that buzzing device is distracting, so better is switch it off. Now a day there are many bands (watches) which we can connect with our mobile phones. So if you with that it will distracting more as compared to mobile phones. So better is switch off your every device which you carry with you while giving an interview.


7. Carry Extra Copies Of Your Resume

Interviewer has already carry your one copy of resume with him. So better is if you keep with you more than 3 copies of resume are better. Many Employers will ask another copy of resume as a test. If you have more copies, you’ll prepared if you have to meet with any other department team members.

How to avoid: Place your resume in a neat and tidy folder and put it in your bag safely before your interview.


8. Lie

Everyone tells little bit lies and emphasizes at interviews, Right?

It might be true, but there is some risky in this particular point and it rarely works out for the best. If you have a habit of speaking lying words, then you will not hesitate more. But if you never lie with anybody, then you will definitely hesitate in interview. So better is be honest about your genuine experiences and achievements, it will not affect your work. And if not? Get the most awkward day ever when you eventually get the Job and you don’t know about what you have to work and so on…


9. Practice Interview Questions

You have to spend your more time preparing for an interview as you did preparing for any test you’ve ever taken. Interview Preparation includes:

  • Tell me something about yourself: (includes family, previous where you had worked, Achievements, certificates, Internships)
  • Prepared about some Essays based on states, countries, or anything.



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