5 Things to consider while applying Job


5 Things To Consider While Applying Job


When you are applying for a new job that doesn’t mean just about the salary you get. While salary is important, it does not always spell your happiness. Here are the 5 ways to consider while waiting the pros and cons of the position.


1. Benefits

Remember that your base salary is simply one of the parts of your compensation package. House Rent Allowances, Conveyance Allowances, Leave Allowances ,Insurance, retirement contribution bonuses, and more should all be considered—and negotiated—before signing on the offer letter . It’s important to also ask your potential employer about perks the corporate offers.


2. Educational Opportunities

It is equally important, you should figure employer that supports and encourages your growth and sometimes, so as to grow, you’ll require additional education around your field of work & interest. You should check the knowledge and learning opportunity for your long term career growth and objectives to scale up your professional career.


3. Hours

Not every office job timings are 9 to 5 or 10 to 6. Before committing to a job change, reach an understanding together with your potential employer of expectations for normal working hours. Beyond whether your start time is 9:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m., attempt to get a thought of how much after-hours work is taken into account and when you are considering employment with different hours from what you’re working everyday (such as a weekend schedule, evening hours, or an early-morning shift) make a list of how this change will impact your professional & social life.


4. Office Culture

Getting a handle on your new position’s hours also can be your own window into one among the most exclusive decision-making factors: the company’s office culture. Are the employees at your new job happy? Do they enjoy working for the company—and with one another—and do they feel their work is valued? While something intangible like “vine” and “office culture” may be tricky to work out before your start date, the answers to questions on flexible hours, team-building events, picnic, weekend get together and regular reviews (opportunities to allow further as receive feedback) may be a valuable litmus test.


5. The Team Work

Nothing affects office culture which is more than your co-workers, which is why it’s an honest idea to fulfill as many as you can during the interview process. While the hiring manager/employer can speak to the team’s talent and dedication, your peers— if it’s possible to speak to them— can shed light on social psychology and management as well as share their own reasons for selecting the corporate company. Consider all interactions, including email responses (are they timely and courteous?), when determining whether these are people you’d wish to work with.


It’s also important to require a glance at personnel above the ladder. Do some research to learn a bit about the people who will be your managers / team leaders. Do you see mentor ship potential in any of them? Do they need a tracking data of supporting more junior talent? And look outside the immediate hierarchy—if there have been a management shakeup, would you be proud of new leadership?


Good Luck!

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